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Producing organic and natural health, wellness, and technology products for people, pets, and plants, to thrive alive!

SEA 7 TECH Scalar Energy Atomic Technology

Dr. Jeffrey Lee discusses the effects of SEA7TECH


Powered by SEA 7 TECH Fueled by Sea Miracle Super Foods

PURE HEALTH DEFENDERS INC (PHD) produces and manufactures the purest of nutrition and technology beneficial for people, pets, and plants. PHD has (2) products, 1) SEA 7 TECH Scalar Energy Atomic Technology, and 2) Sea Miracle Super Foods, both products can benefit the molecular and cellular foundations plus. SEA 7 TECH‘s Pure Health Defender, is restoring, reconstructing, and rehydrating, molecules, cells, and electrical balance plus, utilizing our proprietary Nano and Pico Technology. Our Sea Miracle Super Food Formulas, offer 118 pure nutrients, giving the body the best of nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals, reaching again molecular and cellular positions plus. Wether together or apart, these products can improve and complement the most stressed of systems, to the most vibrant or vital of systems. We guarantee your satisfaction by offering a 100% no questions asked policy, ensuring you, all the best has been offered. Come join the healthiest family on the planet today, and start to feel great!


The cost of your health & wellness should not break the bank!

Our Pure Health Defender Powered by SEA 7 TECH is only $100. per unit, and it will LAST THE DURATION OF LIFE! 

Our Sea Miracle Super Food is only $2 per day, $60 a month, offering 118 of the purest nutrients for people, pets, and plants a day, allowing the body to truly thrive alive and thensome!

Join us as family, and be apart of a mission greater than yourself!

Pure Health Defenders Inc aka PHD would like to offer you, your pets, and plants, the tools to thrive alive!!! 

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We are here to serve you well...guaranteed!

Pure Health Defenders Inc aka PHD wants you to be at your best at all times. In order to do so, we believe the products we manufacture and produce, most definitely complement the lifestyle of ALL people, pets, and plants plus. We do not believe in selling you health. To ensure that you “haven’t been sold”, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our products. We are very proud to offer the purest values Sea Miracle Super Foods and SEA 7 TECHNOLOGY  have to offer  people, pets, and plants plus

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Get to know the family!

We are on a mission to serve you, your pets, and plants well! Please join us, the healthiest family on the planet today, utilizing organic and natural products advantageous for people, pets, and their plants alike. We will be offering health, wellness, and technology, information and R&D, which may serve you, your pets and plants well. We look forward to providing a solid foundation for which ALL to grow pure n true!